• International Union of Operating Engineers

Representation Authorization

IUOE Local 351 Showing of Interest

The first step to forming a union at your workplace is to demonstrate to the National Labor Relations Board that a minimum of 30% of your coworkers would like for Local 351 to be their collective bargaining representative. The NLRB calls this a “showing of interest”. Once the NLRB has determined that at least 30% of workers are interested in a union, they will begin the process towards a union election.

Previously, this was only done with physical pen and paper signatures. However, in October 2015, the NLRB decided to also accept electronic submissions as a showing of interest.

So, by filling out the form to the right and submitting it to us, you can get the process started.

While simply filling out a form on a website may be enough to get you to a union election, it is important to remember that being in a union is about much more than that. We encourage you to attend organizing meetings, join the organizing committee and stand strong with your coworkers as you win your union and then negotiate a great first contract!

NOTICE: The integrity, security, and privacy of this electronic showing of interest is paramount. This form will be utilized by a federal agency (the National Labor Relations Board) to determine a “showing of interest” for union representation election procedures. Any fraud, forgery, or misrepresentations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.