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About Local 351

Local 351 was chartered in 1941 and is an autonomous affiliate of the International Union of Operating Engineers, whose total membership is approximately 400,000.

What is a union and where do Local 351 members work?

Unions are labor organizations that are formed by, made up of, and governed by their members for the benefit of the members of that Labor Union. Local 351 members elect the leaders of the Union such as the Union Stewards at their workplace, the Bargaining Committees and Executive Board. Local 351 members work in many different sectors of our economy: such as workers in the oil and gas industry on pipelines and in oil refineries, construction trades like carpenters, electricians, plumbers, HVAC, boiler makers, mechanics and machinist, instrumentation techs, general maintenance workers, in various manufacturing facilities, office and clerical workers, service industry workers such as Hotel workers, and employees of a Government contractor doing work in a Federal building or on a Federal military base.

What does Local 351 do?

Local 351 provides representation during workplace disciplinary proceedings and assist members in resolving their grievances with the employer. Local 351 has a dedicated and professional staff who, along with the bargaining committee members, negotiate contracts with employers regarding wages, benefits and other working conditions. Since the entire purpose of a union is to serve its members, only the Local 351 Union members that are covered by a particular Collective Bargaining Agreement determine what issues are negotiated into their respective contract.

Why join Local 351?

Employees have many different reasons for wanting to form a Labor Union at their workplace. Some employees want wage increases and better benefits, some just want to have more of a voice where they work because they feel the Company does not treat them fairly for promotions or the Company is not concerned with Health and Safety issues. Local 351 believes that everyone should be treated the same, fairly and with respect at the workplace, additionally all Health and Safety concerns of employees should be addressed by the Company in a timely manner.

Thirty-five things your employer may not do

Your rights to join Local 351.

Since you are on our website, you and your coworkers have probably already discussed the improvements that you believe need to be made at your work place. The best way to have your concerns addressed with your employer is to join Local 351. The National Labor Relations Act guarantees almost all workers the right to form a union. Your employer is prohibited from infringing upon this right.

Join Local 351.

Through the NLRB election process, the hourly employees at your work place can vote to join Local 351. Alternately, your employer may also choose to simply accept signed authorization cards (referred to as Card-Check) to recognize Local 351 as your exclusive bargaining representative. Our Business Representatives and Organizers have decades of experience helping workers join Local 351.

Please click on Contact Local 351 to get in touch with our staff. Your contact information will be held confidential and your employer will not be notified that you have contacted Local 351.